Creative Services

As a visual artist, I have a passion to bring creative value in many different ways. Along with an ongoing independent studio art practice I offer services that can provide meaning & substance to brands, public & private business space, events, interior design, homeowners & art collectors to name a few. My studio can develop your idea into a real life experience, a rich design story, unique lettering for your business, even the perfect symbol or meme. Creative work is a difficult & mind boggling juggle for many people who are focused in other areas of business or life - My studio has instant access to talent from myself and a community of skilled artists.


Live Painting & Brand Activation

Looking for something outside the box for your event?

I offer & coordinate live painting performances as unique activations. My studio is available to create large scale temporary murals made specific to your message or brand at any location you choose. These installations become meaningful step-and-repeat photo opportunities providing substance & peaking interest for any event.


Custom Artwork

Looking for a specific message, colour palette or size? Need help in realizing your creative vision? My studio is able to produce artwork specific to your interests.

Many artists can only make one style of art & in many cases it is either too expensive or does not align with the needs/wants of your space. My studio is able to consult and collaborate with a community of designers & artists to create anything from scratch using your idea as a starting point.

I also offer digital illustration services - custom font, surface product & logo design. We have fluency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator along with Procreate



Get in contact with me to unlock the advertising potential of your walls. We collaborate with YOU to realize the specific message to be communicated.

Looking for an original hand painted accent wall in your home? With removable wallpaper- this can be done with no damage to the wall. Impress your guests with original wall decoration produced by Canadian artists.

Mural contracting services are available for interior & exterior murals - I can provide or coordinate a fresh exciting look to any space, no job is too big small or small.